What is POAP again?

It's a system that event organizers can easily use to distribute attendance crypto-badges to people that show up, a tool for attendees to display and share the badges they have obtained and an open standard for Dapp developers to build on top of.

If you have 5 whole minutes, you can watch @gomox_ar explain POAP at an EthCC Lightning Talk in March 2019.

Why would I want to get badges?

Here are some things that could happen when you obtain POAP badges:

  • Collect cool badges
  • Impress your crypto buddies(*)
  • Enter a Lambo giveaway(*)

(*) Results not guaranteed. Any expectations of recognition, prizes, privileges or earnings are your own.

How are POAP badges implemented?

POAP badges are ERC-721 tokens. Once minted, they can be viewed on POAPscan or any NFT-enabled interface (Etherscan, OpenSea) and most mobile wallets.

How do I get badges?

How you actually get the badges depends on the alternative(s) chosen by the event organizer to attest your presence.

Current options include:

Batch delivery of badges

(if you gave a wallet address when you signed up, an organizer can airdrop you a badge)

Manual sending

(an organizer can scan your wallet address and send you a badge on the spot)

Self service claim

(an intranet-only Dapp that is available within the event's WiFi will give you your badge)

How can I use POAP for my event?

If you want to use POAP to distribute attendance badges at your event, contact us so we can hook you up. All you need to provide is a badge design and some event metadata (event name, location, date).

How much does POAP cost?

POAP is free! It's an open source community initiative.

Who is using POAP?

All the cool kids are doing it.

What are some things that could be built on POAP?

Here are some truly marvelous features and ideas that this hackathon was too brief to contain:

Integrate a proper proof of space-time protocol (XYO, FOAM)

for more resilient presence attestation

Integrate with Kickback

to seamlessly handle refunds of deposits to people that attend (send deposit, attend event, get badge + automated refund)

Implement privacy preserving mechanisms (proxy reencryption?)

for finer grained disclosure of information (i.e. prove you went somewhere without disclosing your entire list of past events)

Is that it?

Actually, no. If we think bigger, a system like POAP that gets traction and eventually critical mass could become an identity mechanism with zero personal information exposure (we don't use names or national ID). Starting with a seemingly innocent use case (cute badges for event attendance) can help us bootstrap a system that could have important ramifications, but where the main obstacle to overcome is user adoption.

A POAP track record could become an indicator of trustworthiness for things as simple as streamlined admission to oversubscribed events, or as complex as a Dharma credit risk calculation.

Who is behing POAP?

Who is behind POAP?

The POAP hackers at ETHDenver 2019 were @reneil1337, @dmf7z, @worthalter and @gomox_ar. Later on @mcortesi5 and @hansguma worked on the shiny version you are seeing right now!
If you want to be involved or contribute, don't hesitate to contact us as we want to share in the fun.

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